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Awesomeness is ageless

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This is what 3 years of Personal Training can do to your body... No matter what age.

Why you should NOT doing sit-ups

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Stop doing sit-ups


Whoa… before you disregard this idea as blasphemous, it is not a radical concept. Think of your spine as a credit card, it can be bent but with too much bending, it can eventually break. The lumbar spine is meant to be a stable joint, not mobile. Training flexion for your lumbar spine can cause poor posture, loss of glute function, loss of thoracic spine mobility, breathing dysfunction, tight hip flexors, and a great deal of other problems. A great core exercise is to do a plank, which trains both the inner and outer core.


Although they have never really been much of a staple in my program design, I have stopped doing any sit-ups and crunches with my clients. In the past, I have had my clients doing some stick crunches and medicine ball sit ups during my core routine (along with bridges, planks and quadruped exercises).


I had heard about other coaches taking them out of their programs, particularly Coach Boyle, and although I thought he made sense, I didn't feel I really needed to eliminate them since they were a small part of the program.


As I thought about it though, it made more sense to me that the population that I mostly work with, torpids and executives, should really avoid crunches and sit-ups.


ake into account all the hunched over positions we are in from sitting, commuting, texting on the Blackberry and working on the computer. Then we go to the gym to do sit ups and work too much on chest and bicep muscles and not enough upper back; more reinforcement of poor posture.



OK, so how do we work our abs?


I have continued to do the core stabilization exercises that I have done in the past, i.e. planks, side planks, bridges and quadruped exercises, but I have cut out my bicycle crunches, stick crunches and med ball sit-ups (which weren't a huge part of my program anyway).


What I have replaced them with is:


- Advanced Plank Positions


- Stability Ball Roll-outs


- Core Rows


- Medicine Ball Slams


- Standing Barbell Anti-rotation exercises


- Turkish Get Ups


Here's a great video showing how to do a proper front plank:


More fitness facts and tips to come soon.....


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